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This is a hard channel to post in - there is so much that could be said, to so many people, and it wouldn't scratch the surface. So, today, I will make a call-out to calva and @pez @brandon.ringe, which has gone from barely usable to a true cadillac experience over the past couple of years. Best daily driver ever when you are bouncing between clj, cljs, bb, and now nbb all day long. Also @borkdude who just blows my mind with what he makes - obviously for bb, and now nbb (which we ran an nrepl server on an embedded device today and connected calva to it, which was cool), kondo and lsp in calva makes things crazy nice, and sci is complete game changer for us, and makes our world a mighty cool place. The way these two teams work together is frankly amazing.

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Thanks for the call-out and for your help and feedback regarding Calva!


anytime, you guys rock

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It is a pleasure and a joy to provide! You are making an astute observation about the teams. It is a major part of what makes things even remotely possible and it is what makes it so fun to work on Calva. I would never have thought that open source development could be such a socially rewarding activity before experiencing it. I’ll take the opportunity to promote my #clojured presentation about Calva development, since this is the major theme in the talk.


Thanks, it's feedback like this which makes it all worth it :)


Since you're using nbb, would you mind telling more what you're using it for here? There are similar discussions for clj-kondo and bb. This would help me a lot to understand who and how my projects are used.


In this particular case, we were just playing with nbb via nrepl on an embedded device because it sounded fun. Mostly what is turning out to be useful for is is SCI, because of the extensibility vector it gives us (we graft 'code' onto our application at runtime).


I was waiting with baited breath for nbb to support nrepl, because I think it might be a contender for getting cljs running in a microcontroller situation via espurino - following in MFikes footsteps w/o having to compile all of cljs.core - might bear looking at.


yeah cool, keep me in the loop on that