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@mrkiouak Please du submit a PR there, I’ll handle it.


I've opened (I've also verified this resolves an issue I was experiencing where counter metrics were not being properly parsed and ingested by the DataDog OpenMetrics integration, so would love to do what I can to get this released and pushed to clojars quickly).


I'm not sure if I'm able to view the steps and pgroess of the travis ci job, so would appreciate a pointer if that is publicly viewable.


It does seem like this travis job i never going to report back on the PR status, though lein codecov comes back successfully locally (as well as all tests passing, though its not clear travis is running that based on the .travisyml). I'm happy to also separate PR CircleCI integrations for PR tests if that would be helpful, as it seems like thats clj-commons preferred system.


Thank you for this!


Thank you for the prompt publish!