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Dear everybody: A new version of Calva just out, v2.0.220. It adds a proper Paredit Kill Right command, bound to ctrl+k. Thanks @amar! gratitude There is also a Paredit Select Right that will push “kill right” ranges on the selection stack. See for demos of both. > Hacktoberfest > albeit not proper nor done > for CIDER distilled [2.0.220] - 2021-10-20 • [2.0.219] - 2021-10-19 • [2.0.218] - 2021-10-18 • [2.0.217] - 2021-10-17 • • Fix: [2.0.216] - 2021-10-10 • Fix: • Fix: [2.0.215] - 2021-10-10 • [2.0.214] - 2021-10-06 • • Fix: [2.0.213] - 2021-10-02 • Workaround

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Anyone who appreciates my gratitude gratitude is super welcome to retweet this one:


It's already a month ago since I last announced changes in #nbb, a babashka-like tool for CLJS scripting on Node.js. New additions in v0.0.76-v0.0.107: • console REPL. If you have Node.js simply type npx nbb and you will be dropped into a REPL. • Socket server REPLnREPL server for development with Calva • Add clojure.test so you can now use nbb to develop e.g. browser tests using puppeteer or playwright • Support for reader conditionals using :org.babashka/nbb • Print nicer stacktrace when error happens (similar to bb) • Misc. fixes and enhancements. Join #nbb for more information.

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clojure-lsp Hello clojurians! New release with fixes, performance improvements and new features! Probably one of the major changes is the replace of sqlite with #datalevin as the analysis cache db implementation, improving clojure-lsp startup, thank you @huahaiy for the huge help on this! 🚀 Also, we have integration 🎉 showing docs, examples, notes and see-alsos of symbols directly on your editor when hovering a symbol! For more information, check #lsp Have a great code ;)

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Awesome news! Out of curiosity, do you have the startup time difference of the between versions?


only on specific moments: 10% finding cache and 95%


that's when we read and save db cache


If the code is cached in a datalog DB, how far removed is clojure-lsp from something like codeq? :thinking_face:


not sure @UFTRLDZEW :thinking_face:

Karol Wójcik18:10:57

@UKFSJSM38 how can I enable docs?


@UJ1339K2B are you using doom-emacs? what editor are you using?


if emacs: (setq lsp-ui-doc-enable t) , if using doom-emacs just type K

Karol Wójcik18:10:26

doom-emacs 😄


Hey the startup time changed from 10 seconds to 3 in a big project here, cool!

Karol Wójcik18:10:31

Here are configuration for lsp. K shows the following buffer

(setq lsp-ui-sideline-enable t
      lsp-ui-doc-enable t
      lsp-enable-symbol-highlighting nil
      +lsp-prompt-to-install-server 'quiet
      gc-cons-threshold (* 100 1024 1024)
      read-process-output-max (* 1024 1024)
      treemacs-space-between-root-nodes nil
      lsp-headerline-breadcrumb-enable nil
      company-idle-delay 0.5
      lsp-idle-delay 0.5
      company-minimum-prefix-length 1
      lsp-lens-enable nil
      lsp-enable-file-watchers nil
      lsp-file-watch-threshold nil
      lsp-signature-auto-activate t
      lsp-enable-indentation nil
      lsp-enable-on-type-formatting nil)


Oh @UJ1339K2B I'm actually releasing a fix for the clojuredocs, I made a bug on the native image 😅 forgot to add to enable the https protocol

Karol Wójcik18:10:14

Btw clojure-lsp wrongfully is quesing the project root. I'm in /Workspace/Personal/Clojure/holy-lambda, but the clojure-lsp guessed the project root to be /Workspace/Personal/Clojure.. Hmm

Karol Wójcik18:10:27

lsp-restart-workspace: There are no active servers in the current buffer
LSP :: Guessed project root is ~/Workspace/Personal/Clojure
LSP :: Connected to [clojure-lsp:646152].

Karol Wójcik19:10:38

Dunno why, but every project I visit lsp incorrectly guesses the project root.

Karol Wójcik19:10:08

Fixed the last error by using lsp-workspace-folders-add 😄


Sorry for the delay, but yeah, you need to lsp-workspace-folders-remove and then lsp and choose the correct dir

Karol Wójcik19:10:25

Don’t sorry :D i can wait ;)

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clojruedocs fix released !

Otto Nascarella13:11:20

dalhe eric!!!

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Felipe Reigosa18:10:59

Hey guys, there's a new video for my game MockMechanics written entirely in clojure. In the video I show how I created that 4 color memory game (Simon) without writing any code.;ab_channel=MockMechanics What do you think? Here's a preview:

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I hope to really enjoy a conference talk about this someday. Cool work!

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Agree about how cool this is! It twists my mind a bit inside-out trying to unpack what is really going on. That said, I also note that this is a closed source project, and I think the updates about it fits better in #news-and-articles. Of course, if the source is opened, that would be even more awesome. 😃

Felipe Reigosa10:10:18

Thanks guys. @U0ETXRFEW the plan was always to make it open source eventually, I just wanted to organize a few things before I made it open source and invited people. I'm very, very close so in the next couple of weeks I'll create the github project. It's a very fun project to work on and there's still plenty to be done, in fact more than one person can do at this point, so I'll be very glad to get your help if you want to.


That sounds absolutely fabulous! I know all about “more than one person can do”, and am fortunate to have a team mate, and then lots of team mates in the “extended” team. I’m looking forward to make a video about MockMechanics development workflow using #calva We don’t have a huge following of the CalvaTV channel, but it is probably a very good audience for a super cool project looking for contributors.

Felipe Reigosa11:10:52

That sounds great 😁👍

Asko Nōmm22:10:05 version 2021.10.20 is out: • Now prompts for password complexity whenever creating a password, further enabling usage with restrictive systems • Has Windows support thanks to @abhinav.omprakash10 • A bunch of other quality of life improvements, such as when using Shh from a headless environment on Linux it will display the password instead of copying to clipboard, because xclip requires a display.

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