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Good morning! Is this behavior expected in pathom3 (where the same keyword returns different values based on other keys you ask for)? I can see that it’s b/c the :node/index key takes :node/parent as its input but it’s unexpected (to me) that those extra keys would leak through to the response.


this is expected because you are not specifying the details of :node/parent, so it gets everything


I think you may want to use a recursive query there, in which case it would liimt the results



(p.eql/process env {:node/id 1} [:node/id {:node/parent ['...]}])


okay, that makes sense. i’ll need to think through how to restrict asking for :node/parent without sub keys since best practice would be to always specify all the requested keys (so that internal values won’t get returned)

Drew Verlee21:10:59

In Phatom3, is there a way to see all the attributes reachable given a input? I'm using PathomViz and the index explorer > provides view only seems to show the next node.

Reily Siegel23:10:16

Try com.wsscode.pathom3.connect.indexes/reachable-paths


I recently noted a bug on the attribute indexing, it may be it, its related to nested atrributes, they are not getting pulled out


but also on the UI, there is the depth choice, by default the graph view only shows 1 depth


but you can click to increase


can you make a small case of what you see/miss? just wanna make sure its the same thing or a possible new issue