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In Pathom3, is there a way to not capture the errors? I mean, if something fails, throw the exception instead of capturing and wrapping it on the output?


the strict mode works like that


In strict mode, if an exception happens, does it bubbles to the eql call?


I wonder how ::pc/input works. If I have query like: [:user/id {:user/accounts [:acc/id {:acc/domains [:acc/emails …. If I create a resolver ::pc/input #{:user/id} ::pc/output [:acc/emails] would it work? I guess the question is what are the available inputs for a resolver at a certain join… just the data at the same level?


just at same level, when depth changes pathom considers it a different entity, and atrributes are not automatically shared with parent entity


but you can send parent data down when creating the relationship, it makes sense to do it in some cases


How do I do that? By adding one of the inputs to the output?


humm, I'm taking a second read, seems like your issue is in a different direction than I was though when I read before


in this case there is a possible ambiguity issue to be aware


because you have multiple accounts, but wnat the data from a specific account at same level of the user


you can make resolvers that pull from the inner value to the outer (better with Pathom 3 since it supports nested inputs, which Pathom 2 doesn't)