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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)07:10:06

FYI returns 404 and "An Error Occurred While Attempting to Retrieve a Custom Error Document"


Hmm. This URL does work, so looks like we need to fix the routing with a redirect potentially.

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Some major changes to the site happening yesterday

Steven Deobald11:10:53

> Some major changes to the site happening yesterday ...and continuing for a while, which is why we haven't announced the new website yet. 😉 @holyjak Thanks for the heads-up. 🙏 Some 302s are emerging as we speak.

Steven Deobald11:10:07

Apologies for any website clumsiness, folks. This is quite a substantial overhaul under the hood, partly in preparation for next year's 2.x series of XTDB.

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Is is it possible to query the transaction log? Was thinking of something like

(xt/q (xt/db node) '{:find [(pull ?tx [*])]
                        :where [[?tx :xtdb.api/tx-id]]})
I am mainly interested in getting all the info for certain transaction ids. I don't know if transactions are even first class entities so maybe this doesn't make much sense.


> I don't know if transactions are even first class entities In XT they're not. You would need to reify them yourself, which can be done in userspace (although to capture the tx-id you'd need a transaction function) Have you looked at the open-tx-log API already? What are you trying to achieve? Is this some kind of audit query?


Yes audit query is exactly what I am looking for. I saw the open-tx-log function, just seemed a bit inefficient to iterate over everything, but I think it will do for now.

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Hi folks, I know I can check the source but would the following work? Would the current time be set as valid time?

[[:crux.tx/put {:foo :bar} nil] [:crux.tx/put {:quuz :baz} nil]]


well, I always check the source anyway 😅 I'm fairly certain that the answer is yes, because nil will end up in the conformed tx-op map (which gets stored on the tx-log) even if you didn't have it as an extra element in the vector here, because of the destructuring and use of some-> in this method


Oh thank you for pointing me to the right place

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