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#crux 1.18.0 is out 🚀 * Significant improvements to the Lucene module. * Ability to add 'secondary indices' (of which Lucene is the first) - custom indices that follow the Crux tx-log alongside the main indices. Can be used (for example) to create materialized views of your Crux transactions in other formats/stores - we're intrigued to see how folks use this 🙂 * First alpha release of crux-corda - adds the Corda blockchain ( as a possible source of Crux transactions, allowing you to query both the current and historical state of your Corda nodes using Crux's temporal queries. * All the usual bugfixes 🐛 For more details, see the release notes at As always, a big thanks to everyone contributing to this release by raising/fixing issues, and helping us with repros!

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chrisn19:07:04, a small library built directly on top of ffmpeg using it's C bindings, is up on clojars and now supports both encoding and Enjoy :-)

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Thanks :-)


Very cool, I played with it when you first released it and I'm looking forward to using it for realz