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Jakub Šťastný18:07:42

Quick check: I want to pipe a string from BB into a process. Of course I do not want to deal with escaping the damn thing, as in (sh/sh "sh" "-c" "echo gpg-key-string | apt-key add -"). Seems to me that doesn't support that, is that correct? So I in fact need to use babashka.process, which allows me to do so via something like (-> (println gpg-key) (process '[apt-key add -])), is that the case?


@jakub.stastny.pt_serv babashka.process supports :in, so does


(process [...] {:in "foo"})

Jakub Šťastný18:07:25

Oh I missed that one. Thanks @borkdude!


If someone's interested in the bb-like thing for node, join #tbd. We've got reagent + ink working!


Also, need better name.


I like bbscript or bs for short, but that's probably bad for SEO