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Yusuf Ismail03:07:11

Hello, I'm Yusuf from Indonesia. 7+ years of backend engineer. Would like to learn from clojure senior here.

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Saiqul Haq00:08:57

salam kenal saya baru install clojure semalem 😅


salam kenal masbro, semoga lancar ya

Saiqul Haq04:08:48

udah pake clojure di production kah?

Vlad Kryvokoniev11:07:11

Hello, I am Vlad from Ukraine. I'm 19. I've been programming for 1 year now. Mainly I do front-end development with React. I was curios to know about functional programming with Clojure(Script). Hope to understand why Clojure exists.

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Jakub Šťastný18:07:06

Welcome @vladkryvokoniev I also started programming at that age. #memories

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