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I've been thinking about the defrecord/`protocol` problem a bit. If defrecords created an instance of an actual defrecord rather than a map instance, then all you would need to do is extend that type to the protocols you need in both sci and outside of sci. I was thinking something like:

diff --git a/src/sci/impl/records.cljc b/src/sci/impl/records.cljc
index af002d4..69b9913 100644
--- a/src/sci/impl/records.cljc
+++ b/src/sci/impl/records.cljc
@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@
             [sci.impl.utils :as utils]
             [sci.impl.vars :as vars]))
+(clojure.core/defrecord SciRecord [])
 (defn defrecord [_ _ ctx record-name fields & protocol-impls]
   (let [factory-fn-str (str "->" record-name)
         factory-fn-sym (symbol factory-fn-str)
@@ -43,12 +45,12 @@
        (defn ~map-factory-sym [m#]
-         (vary-meta m#
+         (vary-meta (merge (->SciRecord) m#)
                     :sci.impl/record true
                     :type '~rec-type))
        (defn ~factory-fn-sym [& args#]
-         (vary-meta (zipmap ~keys args#)
+         (vary-meta (merge (->SciRecord) (zipmap ~keys args#))
                     :sci.impl/record true
                     :type '~rec-type))
I tried to test it locally, but I don't know how to call a sci protocol implementation.
(doseq [proto protos]
  (extend SciRecord
    (into {}
          (for [[sig-key sig-info] (:sigs proto)
                :let [method-name (:name sig-info)
                      v (->> (:method-builders proto)
                             (some (fn [v]
                                     (when (= (-> v meta :name)
             (fn [self & args]
               ;; call sci protocol implementation with type of self
               (apply (sci-protocol-implementation (types/type-impl self))


It's something I've been thinking about but I'm not entirely sure how this solves your problem


Why doesn't the multi-method approach work, apart from having to patch some vars for SCI-specific targets?


The reason multi-methods are used is so we can define "protocols" dynamically, at runtime, inside SCI. That's where this protocol -> multimethod implementation comes from.


Since the protocols are used heavily, it requires that the original protocol work for both clojure and sci types. I looked into multi-method technique, but it's not clear to me that there's a reliable way to patch the vars. Using a SciRecord type wouldn't change how protocols are implemented in Sci, it just provides a hook to extend clojure protocols to work for sci records. A record with no defined fields is basically just a map, but it does mean that you can extend protocols specifically for all SciRecords in a way that's explicitly supported by clojure. In the example code above, it extends a list of protos to the SciRecord type to then dispatch to sci's sci-protocol-implementation.


@smith.adriane But why extend all SciRecords, how would you check outside of SCI if the record in question really implemented the protocol?


I'm not saying it's not a good approach, just like to hear and understand more about the approach


> but it's not clear to me that there's a reliable way to patch the vars You can make this reliable by adding ^:redef metadata in your lib


I thought I ran into a road block with this, but can't remember what it was. I'll explore this again when I get a chance.


ok, let's try that first and then we can continue the discussion about alternate implementations


seems to be working so far. I'll test it out some more and report back with the implementation.


And then patch the vars for the graalvm / sci target


> how would you check outside of SCI if the record in question really implemented the protocol? that's the piece that I couldn't figure out to test locally. My goal was to just call sci's machinery and let it succeed or fail


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