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I started running tests via Kaocha, how nice! Is there any chance to get colored output in the Conjure buffer? Diffs are so much nicer to see in color...


This is a topic that Ollie and I (and others) have dug into a bit. See


I've tried a few different colorizing vim plugins, and I've ended up with vim-hexokinase, which seems to me like the highest quality plugin, however, it doesn't yet support colorizing ANSI escape codes. There is an issue open for that here: I reaaally hope that it gets added at some point! The idea of having to install a separate plugin just to colorize ANSI escape codes bums me out. I haven't tried the other plugins mentioned in the above issues in a while. I wonder if maybe they've gotten better recently.


I keep kaocha running in a Neovim terminal buffer with --watch and it colorizes the diffs just fine.


I guess you’re referring to running the tests explicitly with the Conjure command.