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Richard Bowen17:07:07

Hey everyone. I've been using for a few days and I think it could be a useful platform for Clojurians to get together and interact with each other in a more meaningful way. What Clubhouse seems to excel at is bringing subject matter experts and people interested in a range of subject matters together in an environment where they can network and exchange ideas/information. You get access to people you wouldn't normally have access to through this platform (eg. I came across Chris Voss, the former FBI negotiator). How Clubhouse works is you can create a club/room and schedule a topic where panelists would come together to discuss that topic and where the audience/listeners can be added to the panel to partake in the conversation. It's kind of like a podcast but the audience/listeners can participate. I think an environment like this would be great for bringing the Clojure community together.

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