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Does anyone know how/where cider sets the little "spinner" that is in the repl modeline? I'd like to notify tooling outside of emacs when the repl is busy... But I can't seem to find the appropriate elisp hooks/functions.


For some context, I use doom-modeline and I get REPL[clj] showing in the modeline, but when the repl is blocked on a task it changes to REPL[===]. I can't find the piece of code that does that. I want to hook something similar up to tell the polybar (an OS-level status bar) about the busy/not-busy status of the repl so I can always see it even from another buffer...


i.e. I'm looking to run some code when the repl starts and stops an eval (to set a flag in a process outside of emacs).


The spinner is an external package that we simply hook into the evaluation.


A reply directly from the expert! 🙂 Thanks @U051BLM8F. That's exactly what I was looking for. 🙂

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hey, I haven't use clojure for a long time, why I can't print variable which has evaluated in repl ??


you are in the namespace core. solution-1 is a var that is defined in the namespace problem-1. There is no var project-euler.core/solution-1 and the error message is saying exactly that


oh, shit. thank you for your help 🙂

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