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Hiya @mitesh! I am wondering if there might be some synching issues with Clojurians Slack -> Clojurians log. I went to reference a recent Slack discussion from #cljdoc but don’t see it on Clojurians log. If I go to the archive on Clojurians Zulip, I do see the discussions. Compare for example: • July 15, 2021 on vs (I see only one message on Clojurians log but many on Zulip). • July 16 through 21 seem to me missing on Clojurians log. • July 28th onward things seem to be matching with Zulip again.

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@lee That may well correspond to outages in the ClojureVerse logbot/sync process -- I wouldn't expect it to backfill those outages.


Ah, okey dokey, thanks for letting me know @seancorfield.