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Just published a new version of my library check ( it's basically a library to allow for better testing - it wraps nubank/matcher-combinators and expectations for matchers, allow the user to define "custom matchers", and have a better support for mocks. It's been battle tested for more than a year, by testing Chlorine, Clover, and multiple projects that I've been working in ClojureScript. But when it really shines, for me, is on asynchronous testing for ClojureScript - it adds the ability to mock async elements, adds a timeout for a test, and teardown. It also does not "fight" against clojure.test, but on the contrary, it embraces it (so tools like kaocha, devcards, workspaces keep working correctly). Discussions on... #testing channel, maybe?

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Looks like a nicely designed hybrid!


The syntax reminds me of Midje (unfortunately). I wondered if you had looked at ?


(right now it only works with self-hosted cljs via Planck but I would love to have it work with more general cljs!)


There's also a clojure-test-like syntax like:

(check (=> 3 (+ 1 2)))


And yes, I looked at this version of expectations and I want to bring its matchers to check. The reason I didn't use it was mostly because I focused this last version on getting the async tests right - that's something that's really weak on ClojureScript IMHO.


Clj-kondo is back with a brand new feature: macroexpansion (and some other improvements) ! This is available in the just released version 2021.07.28! Changelogs: Enjoy. clj-kondo

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:07:29

Clojure CLI is now available. Changes since last stable release: • deps.edn ◦ • If a git library name follows the repo convention names, the :git/url can now be inferred (`:git/url` can also be specified explicitly and takes precedence) • :git/tag and prefix :git/sha can now be specified instead of the full sha. Both must point to the same commit. ◦ :sha has been renamed to :git/sha but the original is still supported for backwards compatibility ◦ :deps/prep-lib - a new top-level key can be used to say how a source lib should be prepared before being added to the classpath. This key’s value is a map with :alias, :fn, and :ensures. See for more info. ◦ :tools/usage - a new top-level key can be used to provide the :ns-default and :ns-aliases context for a tool • - git-based programs that can be installed with a local name. Tools can provide their own usage context in deps.edn. ◦ Added new auto-installed tool named tools with install, list, remove. See ◦ Install a tool with clojure -Ttools install <lib> <coord> :as <toolname> ◦ Run a tool with clojure -T<toolname> fn (also takes -X style args) • ◦ New -T option is like -X (executes a function) but does not use the project classpath, instead uses tool classpath (and adds :paths ["."] by default). -T:aliases is otherwise same as -X. -Ttoolname resolves named tool by name and uses that tool lib. ◦ - -X and -T will not wait to exit if futures/agents have been used ◦ - Improve deprecation messages to be more accurate ◦ - Fix -Sdescribe output to be valid EDN on Windows ◦ - Fix incorrect classpath when :classpath-overrides removes path ◦ Delay computation of local-repo path (don’t compute at load time) ◦ Use 0.12.1003 • New -X:deps programs: ◦ find-versions - to find versions of Maven or git libs or tools ◦ prep - use to source libs ◦ help/dir - to list available functions in a tool namespace ◦ help/doc - to list docs for a tool namespace or function

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Does :git/sha need to be the full one, if :git/tag is present, or could a short one be used (as mentioned in the clojureD presentation?)

Michaël Salihi21:07:58

What a great release! Thanks!

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:07:04 {:git/tag "v0.1.7" :git/sha "8a3abc2"} is now available • TBUILD-10 - fix missing assertions in tests • Remove unnecessary resource file that overrides tools.deps

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