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Jacob O'Bryant19:06:58

Biff is officially released: web framework + self-hosted deployment solution for Clojure (built on Crux, inspired heavily by Firebase) I introduced Biff about a month ago ( Since then I've written the documentation linked above and done a lot of code cleanup.

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Great work! I'm working on my own boilerplate around firestore / EQL for exactly the same use case. Will definitely consider Biff for the next app, as I imagine it will be much more cost-effective then firebase after free tier. 🙂

Jacob O'Bryant03:06:12

Thanks! You might be interested in this by the way: I wouldn't plan on Biff beating Firebase on price anytime soon--I'm already paying $25/mo with Biff now ($10 for the droplet and $15 for managed postgres to back Crux), vs pennies when I was on Firebase. But I've loved having a JVM backend, and having total control over everything.


Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out. Yes, for some projects you want to have some back-end and cloud functions just don't cut it for all the use cases.