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Rob Aguilera04:06:03

Currently using parinfer with Emacs and it doesn't seem to be working on cljs files, but works perfectly on clj. Issue is whenever I drop to the line below a form and attempt to tab over I get the error Wrong number of arguments: (1 .1) 0. Anything I can configure to get that to work? Did a google search and surprisingly came up with nothing. Edit: nvm, I stumbled across some magical set of key strokes that made it work.


Hey everyone. I think getting in to Emacs Lisp can be a little hard, even if you've been using Emacs for a while, and even if you know Clojure pretty well on top of that. I'm started a series of blog posts that show you how to write Emacs Lisp step-by-step for practical real-world things. A "Practical Emacs Lisp" if you will. I'm starting with a 3-part post that explains how to write a command that displays a preview of Markdown files directly in Emacs, and it goes into a lot of detail explaining basic concepts you need to understand in order to write that command. I'm trying to find a good balance between showing people how to build cool things right away and explaining the concepts behind them. On one end of the spectrum, I'm just showing you some code that you have no understanding of at all. On the other end of the spectrum, we spend so much time explaining concepts that you know how the whole language works before you've actually used it for anything. So my goal is to find a good middle ground where we start building cool things immediately but get to learn Emacs Lisp concepts gradually at the same time. The 3-part post starts here: I've gotten a lot of good feedback about the series in and elsewhere, so I'm planning on making it the first part of an ongoing series of posts in the same vein. If you've every wanted to drink the Kool-Aid and learn Emacs Lisp, I hope you find these posts useful, and please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

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Eccentric J21:06:11

This is great! I had just switched to Doom Emacs about 9 days ago from using Spacemacs for about a year.

Eccentric J21:06:58

Markdown preview is definitely a feature I've been pining for. I would also love more details on configuring\using org-mode.


How do you like it vs spacemacs? I kept trying to try it out but have too much work to do so haven't given it enough time yet.

Eccentric J21:06:51

I LOVE it. I can't remember the last time I was this excited\motivated to learn how to customize a tool like this. I learned more in 1 day about emacs lisp using Doom than a year of Spacemacs.


do you feel it's faster too? my main problem with spacemacs is that it seems a bit slow sometimes, actually my mac can't run it anymore without burning up

Eccentric J21:06:37

Yes, for me it boots up in < 3 seconds (though there's instructions for setting up native compilation in the Doom discord, which people are now getting < 1 second boot). It feels snappier despite all the customizations I've been adding


i found two things that were helpful to know about doom are: 1) there is an out-of-emacs update process, 2) asking for help at the discord server is very much worth it

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Eccentric J23:06:55

Very true! The other interesting discovery is how REPL driven Emacs actually is. My Spacemacs process was typically to update my config, hope like mad that it worked, and use SPC f e R to reload the config. With Doom it was immediately clear how to evaluate directly against emacs like I would with cider. That made learning elisp a lot more fun and fast.