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@tony.kay wow, the video's on reducers and hooks are what I've been wondering about for a long time. Since I like hooks a lot I wanted to ask "how about a use-query hook?" but didn't want to impose something that costs a lot of work on you. It's very useful to see how to go about extending fulcro with it. Very informative to see a couple of approaches! Thanks.


See use-query-subscription


And use-child-sales


@mruzekw thanks! use-query-subscription was exactly what was shown in the video 🙂


Oh, right haha


might look into using workspaces as well.. Not sure if it'll be worth it. Do you use it?


I haven't used it much. Can't vouch for it either way


used defcards a while back, I can see the use for it when you have a complicated UI that is composed in a lot of different ways. Always found the "shows environmental coupling" feature interesting.


will do :thumbsup:


Hey friends, if I wanted to generate a completely static html export of my app. Is there a way to do this in Fulcro? I'm going for something along the lines of what's provided by Next.js or Gatsby.


Hello! What is the right way to load data into the root of the DB? I have this component, loading a list of deals (having a pathom resolver from :deals to a list of things):

(defsc HotDeals [this {:keys [deals]}]
  {:query [{[:deals '_] (comp/get-query Deal)}]
   :componentDidMount (fn [this] (df/load! this :deals this))}
I think this is wrong as it will load {:deals [...]} from Pathom and place it under :deals in the DB so that I end up with {:deals {:deals [..]}} , no? How to correct it? Thank you!


Hm, perhaps I should have instead used (df/load! this :deals Deal) which will send the correct query to Pathom and store it as expected....

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