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Joker v0.15.5 is released: It can now format Clojure code. If you use Sublime Text, this plugin uses Joker to format Clojure files when saving. Should be easy to write a plugin for Emacs and other editors, if anyone is interested. Formatting is not perfect and has some issues. I intend to improve it over time.

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How does the formatting work?


@UBL24PLE6 Thanks! Let me know when it's released so that I could put a link to Joker's readme.


@U09LZR36F it's more like indent-only mode of zprint, it respects blank lines and line breaks (for the most part). It's intended to be used with editor plugins on save.


@U75LX44UA so it's like cljfmt, and just sets a particular amount of indent?


Announcing This is a new (and maintained!) fork of a pre-existing library thinktopic/lazy-map. Other than establishing the fork, this release brings increased test coverage, several bug fixes, compatibility with java.util.Map, and merge/deep-merge functions that preserve laziness. Cheers!

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Could be quite useful. E.g. in a ring middleware we can add a :user key to the request map, and only load the user from db when the handler function (or other middlewares need it)


Indeed! My usage is a similar idea to that. I have a map with unknown consumers and some pieces of that map now require making a network call. I can still present the map and not break my consumers but now the data is only actually retrieved on demand.

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dplyr-like api build on the top is now on Clojars. Please refer documentation ( with 550+ usage examples.

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nice one πŸ™‚

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