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One thing my peers tend to do is straight up study hackerrank questions


(in college to recent college grad age group)


and since i have gotten jobs before I get fielded questions like "how do you do the hackerrank questions?"


which is always astounding


I really think that stuff is mostly useless


there is a mechanistic aspect to code writing which you can practice with any programming problem, but I couldn't agree more


and I would very much doubt any company that uses stuff like that gets a good picture of canidates


since a lot of the people that get really good at that sort of stuff spent a ton of time on it and didn't spend any time on databases or actually building the usual toy software


but currently i'm still swirling the drain of unemployment, so i'm not really one to speak

Michael J Dorian20:06:07

It's a rough time for that- best of luck to you! I havn't been able to find much in the way of patterns when it comes to what gets me interviews or jobs, you'd have to be job hunting full time for years to be able to apply statistics properly, and in the mean time every shop is totally different from the next.