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Hi, i've just discover UIX and i find it really interesting. I wonder if the project will continue to be developed ? Many thanks


I did a few tests and i really like the simplicity and the ease of use coming from reagent+re-frame. How does it compare in terms of stability and perfomance between adapton and re-frame?


Hey. xframe/adapton is more of an experiment atm


uix itself is being used in a number of projects listed in the readme


there might be small bugfixes and improvements to uix, but I'd like to focus on xframe and state management around uix in general, that's the plan for near future


Many thanks for your reply I really like uix and start a new test project with it


Really like this implementation have been using Rum but like simple integration with existing React components. I do have a question is how to represent such things as the attributes on Modal

import React from 'react'
import { Button, Header, Image, Modal } from 'semantic-ui-react'

const ModalModalExample = () => (
  <Modal trigger={<Button>Show Modal</Button>}>
    <Modal.Header>Select a Photo</Modal.Header>
    <Modal.Content image>
      <Image wrapped size='medium' src='/images/avatar/large/rachel.png' />
        <Header>Default Profile Image</Header>
          We've found the following gravatar image associated with your e-mail
        <p>Is it okay to use this photo?</p>


I think this will do the job [:> Modal {:trigger (uix.core/as-element [:> Button "Show Modal"])}]


uix.core/as-element interprets Hiccup as React elements, needed here because Modal is a React component that expects React component as well


hmm ok will try tks


Thanks for the help this morning, I have completely refactored by Rum application using uix. One thing is how do you realize a JS component that requires the ability to mount to a dom node as in (vis/Network. (js/document.getElementById "graph") #js {} #js {})