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@jmv305 associate it with "clojure", to Calva there is no edn language.


thanks, i will go that route. the only downside is that it highlights everything in red until i configure clj-kondo but that's pretty minor.


I was asking recently about weird behaviour when typing into Calva. I managed to capture a small video showing it:


Two things: 1. the highlighting of the brackets as you type 2. the changing colors of require letters


How does it behave if you disable Calva?


Ah good call - I’ll check


I don't see a change in color of the require letters (#2) in that gif. Am I missing something? Regarding #1, @U0ETXRFEW Is that a side effect of color-matching the open/close characters? Wonder if there is a way to prevent the highlight. I am differentiating here between coloring (which we call highlighting some in the code base I think), and actual highlighting like when you select text with the cursor.


If you see the u and i in require start off blue when I type them, then go to orange (the final stage).


@U0ETXRFEW with calva disabled both issues disappear (but I get VSCode paren match which is weird, though better looking visually IMO)


Thanks for trying that out. Calva‘s matching is quite involved, a lot of things happen when one character is typed. But maybe we can control the rendering some. Please file an issue.


I will - was just curious if this only happens to me


I haven’t noticed, and haven’t tried yet, now that I know what to look for. But I really doubt it is just on your machine.


My machine is from 2014 but generally everything still ticks along 😅


This is in a comment form hence the italics, but the behaviour is the same outside.


Tried again with 2.0.103 with similar results…

Jakub Holý18:06:06

Hello! Is it Calva or something else that controls syntax highlighting? I would like to give a distinct color to keywords... Thank you! Also, I am getting "Extension host terminated unexpectedly." on latest VS Code. Anything I can do about it? 🙏


Hello, I'm trying calva on Codium and Jack In doesn't work with the following message:

zsh:1: command not found: lein
lein is in a custom directory which is included in the PATH in a declaration that is in my .zshrc. vscode seems to detect well the path of zsh (`/usr/bin/zsh` on linux) but on calva launch it seams to not load the ~/.zshrc file. Is it a known behaviour ?