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Semantic CSV also has a transducers namespace with transducing versions of all the various processing functions


When I load the namespace I get an error: Unhandled Could not locate semantic_csv__init.class, semantic_csv.clj or semantic_csv.cljc on classpath. Please check that namespaces with dashes use underscores in the Clojure file name. Any idea?


@UQLUWPRQD one reason for this error could be the dependency has not been added to the project configuration file (e.g. project.clj or deps.edn). Or the REPL hasnt been restarted since the that dependency was added.


That was it. I had forgotten to add the core namespace when requiring semantic-csv.


Yeah, unfortunately, the tool I was using for documentation became buggy and stopped working on the project, and so I've been looking for replacements. There are cljdoc API docs, but a lot of the documentation was written as inline comments, which were then stripped out by marginalia to produce documentation alongside the code. Which all worked pretty well for this project, till it stopped working at all. So sorry that the docs aren't where they should be, but if you look directly at the source code on github, the inline comments should be very comprehensive


I had found the comments already.


When I don't use transducers, the library works fine. I'm now brushing up my transducers knowledge, then I'll try the transducers variant of the library. In the beginning I was a little confused because in the examples you sometimes use read-csv an sometimes parse-csv which come from 2 different libraries.


Yeah, was just trying to show that you can use both actually


(But I can also see how that would be confusing; Would be worth pointing it out more explicitly to make it less confusing)