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Does anyone know how I can get indentation support for CIDER's :style/indent metadata in vim?


I use vim-clojure-static syntax plugin which has configuration for indentation. Have a look at docs maybe it has options to reproduce indentation you need


I use vim-clojure-static too (via vim-polyglot), but it doesn't look like it understands :style/indent.


right, you could hard code a rule for vim-clojure-static, but to use that metadata you probably want something that talks to a running process (eg. fireplace etc.), not a static plugin


and as an aside, I find the idea of defining source layout preferences in code so that an editor queries them from a program kind of gross, it's the kind of violation of abstraction boundary that made me switch from emacs to vim in the first place


but that's just my opinion


Is there some way to use vim-iced to browse arbitrary namespaces rather than just ones that I've required?


@U01E3601UJW Is this the kind of plugin you need? If so, I'm sorry, but this plugin is broken for now, so I'll fix it later.


Yeah, that seems to be what I was looking for. Not exactly, because it requires ctrlp and I'm a happy fzf user, but in theory the plugin does what I was asking about. Thank you.


fzf is supported by vim-iced now, so you don't need ctrlp! I'll fix this plugin in this weekend.


Oh, awesome. Thanks again!


@U01E3601UJW I fixed this plugin. Please update both of vim-iced itself and this plugin 😄


@UBL24PLE6 the plugin is helpful, but not exactly what I was looking for. I want something that'll give me the ability to jump to my dependency namespaces. I can navigate to definition using c-], but if I don't require a namespace, I can't jump to it. Of course it's possible to edit :require, include the ns, and then jump to it, but that's a somewhat awkward workflow. Maybe what I'm looking for is outside the scope of vim-iced? I'm not sure.