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Hi, I am using a new Luminus project with mount and having a problem here. The log output shows clearly that config/env is started before handler/init-app and handler/app-routes but when I am using the state env in a middleware it is nil. When reloading the namespace and restarting the states it works perfectly fine.


Any ideas on why that is?


Is it lazy loading? because it seems so. but I am not using cljc mode afaik


#object[mount.core.DerefableState 0x3e11996e {:status :pending, :val nil}]


If I do lein new luminus temp +reitit +datomic +cljs +re-frame +shadow-cljs +swagger +auth-jwe +kibit and then go to src/clj/temp/middleware/formats.clj require temp.config and then insert a (println config/env) I am only getting the above DerefableState


I don't get why. The docs are saying that this should only occur when this is lazy loading. but it should not lazy load. there is no (mount/in-cljc-mode) in the code