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What is the state of Fulcro and server-side rendering? Is Fulcro a good match for the kinds of application that might need to pre-render for SEO or other reasons? If so how do the solutions work with things like routing, data-loading, and use of component libraries like the Semantic UI wrapper?


tony talked about this in his cljs podcast interview, i think it was episode 2? you can find them here:


the tldr iirc was that SSR is supported but not an area of active development because he doesn't see it as having much value (especially for SEO where crawlers these days are js capable)

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)23:11:55

And it doesn't work as soon as you have any JS library, I believe, only stuff from the dom and other cljs namespaces works both in JS and JVM


It's definitely possible to run in node.js I have started down this path here: I have to update that template with some changes I made to my own project, but it should give you an idea

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