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Our Datomic Cloud subcription is not showing up on the AWS Marketplace / Manage subscriptions is that expected? I see other subscriptions though from Container / Machine Image and CloudFormation categories...


the analytics doesn’t seem to work if db-name contains a dash - character, I’m getting Query 20201123_062629_00002_8pm43 failed: Expected string for :db-name when trying a query, but it works if db name contains only characters


I had a test db that was named project-2020-11-13 with a date and it didn’t work but the db named just project worked fine


huh. for what it's worth, i'm running analytics on a db with a dash in its name without an issue


good to know, maybe it has some other issue, or it was a presto cli problem


I have relation when order has customet attribute and can access customer via: [?o :order/customer ?c] The same way I can access order if I have query of customers. Also I can use get-else when order has no customer. But how can I filter customers without orders? (not [?o :order/customer ?c]) gives an error

:db.error/insufficient-binding [?o] not bound in not clause: (not-join [?o ?c] [?o :order/customer ?c])


Seems that this way works:

(not-join [?c]
[?o :order/customer ?c])


And also seems that not is a sugar on not-join, allowing not to set bindings explicitly and manually


Hmm, seems that (not [_ :order/customer ?c]) also works


@U0A6H3MFT it seems to me that issue lies entirely in the binding


[Cloud/Ions] Does all deps have to be under :deps, or can aliases be specified when pushing?


no, AFIK, you can specify an alias As I dig (not documented or explained by anyone): the datomic-cloud instance will download your code, open your deps.edn, take the :deps make and decide which deps it will use (something like, it do not use #tools-deps or at least, not as a simple command line)


Ah, too bad. Had a good composable thing going, but I’m going to have to dump it all in :deps then. 🤷