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We are hiring developers for Clojure(Script) and DevOps. Location is remote at this stage of affairs, hopefully eventually the Helsinki (Finland) Office. We started IPRally 2.5 years ago with me, Sakari and Juuso. At the time we had a distant dream of a revolutionary way for searching and understanding the 100M patent documents that are out there. Today we are a team of nine, and the graph-based search engine is used by the likes of Finnish/Swedish patent offices and Spotify. We are seeking new people to join the team, with whom we can make this into something truly important. The vision of IPRally is to thoroughly understand the core of the technology, to make it easy for the people to understand what is out there. Want to be part of building the future of scalable language understanding? Send me a message!


Hello! Analytical Flavor Systems is hiring a Data Platform Engineer to help us build a data model and application layer on top of Datomic and use it to accelerate all parts of our data science workflows. AFS uses machine learning to model perception of flavor, texture, and aroma and predict consumer preference of food and beverage products. Our methods can answer questions like "would people like it if we combined matcha and strawberry in yogurt?" Our data stack includes Clojure, R, and Kubernetes. The role is remote for the foreseeable future - while we still have an office in New York, relocation to the NYC area is not an expectation of this role. We are only considering candidates with USA work authorization or work visa (including OPT). AFS can sponsor H1-B renewals or transfers. Interested in helping us develop the language of our domain so we can research faster and more effectively? Please apply through Workable:

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Mirae Lee22:11:28

Hello everyone 👋 It’s so wonderful to meet you all Clojurians!party-corgi My name is Mirae and I’m one of the Talent Acquisition Specialists at Kira Systems and I was invited by one of our wonderful developers and a friend, @syungb. Kira System is hiring for both and These positions are remote at this time but hopefully, eventually Toronto (Canada) Office :flag-ca: or remote near by. I’m in charge of the Software Developer role and I’m happy to answer any questions if you have any!

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Jean-Pierre Wack23:11:10

Full Stack Web Developer - Clojure: SIG is searching for a Full Stack Web Developer for a variety of programs relating to our Natural Hazards, Environmental Mapping and Forest Carbon domains. The successful candidate will have the expertise and experience to build decision support tools for our clients across the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia. SIG is a digitally native organization with personnel distributed across three continents. Therefore, the position is for remote work only, preferably based in US compatible timezones. Apply here: Remote: yes, US timezone essential; Visa: No sponsorship unfortunately.

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