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I'm trying to install the clj-kondo lsp server again. I got it running in the past, but this time I hit a problem. First, when I run java -jar clj-kondo-lsp-server.jar the process starts but it does give any output. Is that normal? Second, in spacemacs I get an error LSP :: Connected to [clojure-lsp:21508 status:starting]. LSP :: clojure-lsp has exited (exited abnormally with code 1) Server clojure-lsp:21508 status:starting exited with status exit. Do you want to restart it? (y or n) n I don't know why it talks about clojure-lsp, I configured it as described on your github to run the clj-kondo-lsp-server.jar. Any ideas?


> the process starts but it does give any output. Is that normal? Yes, it just waits for a connection This seems more like a configuration issue on your end than an issue with clj-kondo LSP since it doesn't not have any dependency on clojure-lsp


Ok, I'll check.


This is the config I used previously (It has been a while since I tested it). The only difference is I use a script called clojure-lsp-server-clj-kondo to wrap the java command to run the LSP server. If you dont fix it I can try this again later today.


Thanks, I solved it. In the dotspacemacs file I had to put a complete path from root to the jar iso a relative path from home.


Having to use the full path is why I used a script instead, to make the Emacs config more portable


FYI. The GitHub actions for clj-kondo was updated 13 days ago to resolve the deprecation of add-paths in GitHub actions. I just updated and the new version, - uses: DeLaGuardo/setup-clj-kondo@master is working well. Thanks.

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