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Hello, vim fireplace users - how do you toggle between cljs and clj repl when evaluating in a cljc file ? (cljs repl is chosen by default if initialised) I came across this post but I don't know how to set up a toggle using the variable provided.


There's a typo in the var, add a j in

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In Conjure I have mappings to hop between sessions that could be used to do this. Does fireplace have session switching? Might be worth digging into as a solution!

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I believe in a cljc file you can by setting this variable b:fireplace_clc_platform I am assuming something in vim like :let b:fireplace_clc_platform = "repl type" I am not familiar with vim script so no luck yet . Hoping someone has used the above variable .


That vim script looks okay to me, for what it's worth!