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> Adding some config about the HUD positioning / auto positioning too, so you could always lock it to the bottom taking up the full width and like 15% of the height (for example) Resharing from thread. Sound useful or useless to any others? If the current behaviour is fine for 99.9% of people maybe it's not worth it.


Just thinking slightly more flexibility around the HUD could be nice.


Configuration options are useful, but I don't mind the defaults atm.


You can be opinionated about your software πŸ™‚


I think it's a useful thing to have, although I wouldn't use it right now myself (I'm happy with the default position and size). I can easily imagine having some other plugin that does something in that part of the screen, and wanting to be able to configure the HUD to pop up in a different place.


Just being able to make the HUD wider was perfect for my needs there with my limited screen space. I don't think I would use this new route you are suggesting. I like the HUD for small checks and then if it's not big enough just popping open the log. I'm really liking what you have been doing with Conjure!


Oh awesome! Glad to hear it πŸ˜„


So what are your folks' current method to start a nrepl that conjure automatically hooks into using deps.edn? Just having cider/cider-nrepl in my .lein/profiles.clj works when calling lein repl but I haven't figured out the same ease of use with the cli tools. I put a :nrepl alias in my .clojure/deps.edn with the same cider/cider-nrepl dependency but nothing happens when calling it with clj -A:nrepl . I think I'm missing some main-opts thing or something?

Olical15:07:05 may float your boat (if you're okay with tying your editor to your program process) Otherwise, I use this script when working on Conjure's Clojure support

clj -A:nrepl:cider \
    -m nrepl.cmdline \
    --middleware "[cider.nrepl/cider-middleware]" \


(with nrepl and cider in my deps.edn)


That should create a .nrepl-port file, perhaps if you don't use --interactive it skips it?


i have this alias in my personal deps.edn: allows me to run an nrepl server in the context of any project by running clj -Anrepl-server


that does not include the cider middleware, if you want that then adjust it to be more like what @olical posted


ok, awesome, I'll try this out now. I'm confused between this nrepl versus cider-nrepl and if I actually lose anything in the process. Not sure I need the middleware either as I'm really just evaluating functions and expressions


The cider middleware is optional and only for go to def and completions IIRC


The next nREPL version actually brings some basic versions of these concepts in by default without any extra middleware. So it'll become even more optional!


Oh nice. I do want that go to def and completions functionality. I'm probably just going to stick with lein and lein repl as it does exactly what I need. I feel like unfortunately we just aren't going to be able to choose sides though and will have to learn both because half the projects I explore use one and half use the other. I'm getting too off topic though.


i would just add the --middleware "[cider.nrepl/cider-middleware]" option

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then go to def and completions should just workβ„’ with conjure


Yeah, I tend to flip between clj and lein projects with things constantly trending towards clj. I think lein repl is totally fine, vim-jack-in can be convenient and deps.edn stuff isn't too bad at all in the long run πŸ™‚ I hate stuff that takes endless config to get working but I've found that it's pretty minimal on the whole. Just enough to be flexible.


is there a way to print out the entire stacktrace in the log on an error? (pst) doesn't seem to be right. edit: *e seems to work.


,ve (leader v e) for view exception


oh nice! Thanks


I have no pretty error output right now, mostly because I know if I spend the time doing it I'll put my own opinions into it and accidentally elide something important. So dumping the pretty printed data seems more than good enough for most. Even if it looks a little scary sometimes.


So yeah, ,ve is the same as evaluating *e


I really like the strategy of "show the exception message, and press ,ve for more info", it really works well and lets you get the full stack trace when you really need it, not every time

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Yup, I like it too. And that it is already pprinted