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We’ve been cancelling all the Clojure Berlin meetups since around the time COVID-19 hit Berlin, mainly due to worries about spreading it, and partially down to being too exhausted/overwhelmed to organize something (esp. an online meetup). I’m wondering what people’s personal safety level is at the moment. Would a socially distant park get together be something that would interest people (should the weather hold)?

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I would really love to have an in-person meetup again. open air in a nice quiet yard would be cool as well:+1:. I personally am comfortable to have a meetup indoors as well as long as there are windows open and it is not too crowded. thanks for all the effort you are taking. 💐

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My current policy is "no indoor meetings except masked or with extremely limited pod of friends" + "outdoor meetings OK, with social distancing requirements scaling with number of participants". I'd def be interested in a park meetup that had specific policies, set ahead of time for greetings and distance expectations while sitting.