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anyone know why i’m getting these error messages from loading re-frisk? > TypeError: is not a function. (In ‘’, ‘’ is undefined) reason i know it’s re-frisk is it doesn’t happen if i remove my re-frisk preload from shadow


Hello, So I'm learning reframe by programming a checkers game with an AI to evaluate the oponent moves. The sequence of the program is the following: • Human clicks on a move which triggers an event • Re-frame catches the event and updates db. • Re-frame renders the new board based on the db update • The AI algorithm starts to calculate the move of the oponent (it takes a little while) The problem is that sometimes the AI starts working before showing the move. So I have to wait for the end of the AI calculation to see the rendering of the human move and the oponent at the same time. Is there a way in reframe to force rendering to show the human move before starting the AI function? Thanks for your help


Short answer: use ^:flush-dom