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absolutely love meander. meta question: is there a repo/resource of cookbook examples? if not, shouldn't there be? (no slack history == probably repeated asks)

Jimmy Miller20:07:39

@e749 We do indeed have a cookbook and some examples We are super open to contributions to either of these. Glad you are enjoying meander πŸ™‚

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@jimmy they've been super helpful! btw, your talk & blog posts were big reasons to convince me to try clojure for my dsl compiler rewrite

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i guess I was looking for more basic examples altho just realizing I have no context the target user for the lib (beg <> super experienced)


(context: i'm new to clojure (day 4), old to programming)


@e749 FYI we merge most cookbook contributions without hesitation if you want to chip in. πŸ™‚


LOL and welcome! πŸ˜‚


also more context, the applicability to term rewriting was the part that was especially exciting


@noprompt i'd be happy to but i'm not sure you want an extreme beginner submitting anythingg πŸ˜…


or if you're fine with "above average effort in codereviewing", i'm happy to


On the contrary, examples from beginners are usually the best!


And, I was only making the suggestion. :)


πŸ‘ totally; just hyper sensitive with demands on other people's free time x {good for community but not intrinsically motivating activities}


100% agree with you there. πŸ™‚


Which is why I don’t feel bad about taking breaks from the project from time to time. (Learned that the hard way this year.)

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is there a preferred way to go about this? ex: i'm basically just making a cookbook for myself as i'm rewriting the compiler i usually do the functional variant and then attempt it in meander should I post here and then submit a PR?


i imagine both the clojure code & the meander will need "tweaks" πŸ˜‚

Jimmy Miller20:07:59

I'm always happy to hear things people are looking for. I will say, we probably skew a bit more on the experienced side for active users. But there isn't a particular skill level we are trying to reach. We really just want to help people express their problems more clearly.


I think that’d be a good way to learn how to map one on to the other.


> We really just want to help people express their problems more clearly. This


πŸ‘ i'll do that then in a file and then link it/PR it so the example chunks can be reviewed in batch


Sharing ideas/critique here is also welcome/appreciated.

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