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I know fireplace is pretty minimal (why I love it) but is there a way to see some previous evaluations? Sometimes I miss having a log of things when trying to explore data.


Side questions: I'm trying to cut out some chaff from my init.vim. Do I need the vim-classpath and vim-salve plugins when using vim fireplace? I always use a nrepl so I think I can cut those out. I use clojure.vim/async-clj-omni for auto completion with fireplace. Any other tools you folks use often that I might be missing out on?


I think the use case for vim-classpath is the ability to visit source for out-of-project definitions


it takes about 1000 times longer to load than the average plugin


That's why I'm hoping to eliminate it!


if you don't need go-to-source for jars in m2 cache, I'd skip it (or at least install it as an on-demand extension rather than autoload)


Fireplace, itself, is doing a weird thing too when I do my first evaluation. The cursor bounces from the expression down to the command menu in the bottom of the buffer a few times until it evaluates. Takes a few seconds but then after that it's all normal.


regarding seeing execution history, that's why I use neoterm for evaluation - I'd rather just use a repl in a terminal and have a record of everything executed


I use that instead of fireplace 95% of the time


Oh really? So you aren't evaluating and coding in your file buffer but straight in the repl?


I have fireplace as an optional package and usually don't bother loading it


neoterm defines a command that sends a text object or visual selection to the terminal


that's all I need


the one thing that is harder than it should be - it doesn't have any way to automatically ensure the repl is in the current namespace


I need to do that by hand, but if my namespaces are well designed I'm only editing one at a time anyway


I also use (require 'some.ns :reload) instead of sending whole files


@chase-lambert I know my choices in tooling are idiosyncratic - I know clojure better than I know any editor tooling and I prefer it that way (saves me a lot of pain when the abstractions leak / collapse) so I like the tooling that is closest to just using clojure directly


It's an interesting approach for sure. I've bookmarked neoterm and will check it out. Going to stick with fireplace for now


it's straightforward to compromise - use an nrepl client inside neoterm and send commands there if you want a buffer to hold the output, use fireplace connected to the same server for the normal commands


also I believe fireplace does have commands to use / reuse the result of previous execution, but I prefer to use my existing repl knowledge rather than figuring out that model


Sounds like the right approach. I appreciate it


@chase-lambert it's also worth looking into , if you want repl integration and a log buffer 🙂


Edit: was able to configure the Conjure hud to my liking. And I like the easy access to the log too. This could work great!

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