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Not sure if anyone else has been experiencing this, but figwheel-main reload’s have gotten a lot slower using webpack bundle… What used to be edit, instantaneous reload now takes a good few seconds to trigger…


@folcon are you bundling on every compile?


Isn't that how it's supposed to be setup?


Btw, let me know if you want to do some windows testing later... I'm planning on doing some setup on there this week...


@folcon are you using the :bundle-freq option?


@folcon or does it log that its bundling everytime that you save? because, you really shouldn’t be bundling every singe save as that will slow things down


I'm not using :bundle-freq no, that could be my issue :)


well probably not because the default value is :once


Agreed =)…


The issue only came up after I swapped to webpack bundle, I would have expected the delay to be caused by compiling / reloading.


so I accidentally upgraded my Mac OS this morning to Big Sur (the update was labelled “Catalina” … quite unhappy). I’m figuring I’d have to do this eventually anyway, so I’m trying to work around the broken file watcher/hot reloading by running Figwheel in a docker image. I’ve got it all hooked up fine including the websocket, but the builds are quite slow. Does anyone have any docker-fu to share to get this down? Incremental build times used to be <1s and are now 20-30s.