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Vincent Cantin08:07:57

Does Crux have a GUI for non-programmers to type the Datalog queries?


Yes :) there is a progressive HTML UI that lives on the existing crux-http-server endpoints. It's still work-in-progress ahead of an official launch, but I can give you a quick tour if you have time today? I would be interested to hear more about the kind of things you might want from it!

Vincent Cantin09:07:44

Thank you. I will try it first and let you know if I have question.

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Vincent Cantin16:07:28

Can we call functions from 3rd party libraries like from inside a transaction function?


I'm 99% sure it should be fine as long as the namespace exists on the classpath. It's just a regular eval (for the time being!), see

Vincent Cantin16:07:47

Thank you

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Vincent Cantin06:07:46

The user has to make sure that the userland functions are fully qualified with the right namespace in the symbols.

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yep - shouldn't be a problem. you'll need to ensure that the libraries are on the classpath of each of your Crux nodes, and require the symbols per our other thread 🙂