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Hey folks, quick poll about acid.nvim. React with the appropriate response: Would you like using acid through a lua API? 👍 - Yes, please 👌 - I don't care, as long as I can use it 👎 - No, Python/VimL is much better 😕 - I don't even know what acid.nvim is 😒 - I don't care, I use {fireplace,vim-iced,something else} Also, please DM me or respond to this if you have suggestions and/or complaints about acid. Thanks in advance!

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😕 7

i wasn't able to get acid.nvim working when i tried it a few weeks ago (i had it working in the past). let me try again. i think i'm ready to move on from fireplace at this point


i don't understand the implications of moving to lua. would that mean we can't configure it in init.vim?


It will be configured through lua. That can happen in the init.vim through the :lua command , but most importantly, it'll allow it to be seen as a library for other plugins and customization from the user.

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@ingvij what would be the user impact there? like, would i need to use lua to configure the plugin, or what?


That's correct. Same thing as in iron.nvim, you'll use lua to configure it.