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just discovered proto-repl. seems really cool. but I'm constantly running into problems with the mapping of commands to keys. "ctrl-alt+, d" to display saved values doesn't do anything despite being properly defined. I'm on a german keyboard on Windows. do I need specific configurations?


@sroller Do you have an active REPL connected to ProtoREPL, with the code eval'd into it? A lot of the "active" features require the code to be in memory.


yes, I do. As I found later last night was, that it works on an English (QWERTY) keyboard.


I have to look deeper into it. Also - I have to get used to the parinfer behaviour, seems counterintuitive.


Ah, interesting. I must admit, I've struggled a bit with Atom keymaps on Windows -- works a lot better on Mac.


Parinfer is wondeful once you get over the initial hump. With the caveat that sometimes it reorganizes code when you do certain paredit operations (like raise s-expr).


I'm considering to remap the keys I need. Perhaps there are other people out there who struggle in the same way.


and perhaps there is a "standard" for QWERTZ, AWERTZ etc. keyboards