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Fulcro 2.6.18 is on Clojars , and the Developer’s Guide has been updated. This new release has: - Added a number of missing SVG tags are to the DOM ns - Created an improved macro for defrouter called defsc-router. It generates the same thing as defrouter (which still exists and is supported), BUT it has defsc syntax for better IDE integration, and more importantly allows you to do things like define react lifecycle methods on the router itself. This means you can add things like “route change” hooks into the router on :componentDidUpdate and such. NOTE: Fulcro Incubator has a more powerful UI router, but this makes the built-in one more usable as well.

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ClojureX 2019 conference in London, United Kingdom early bird tickets are available until the end of today (7th). Please see the #events channel for details. We are also looking for a content team to select speakers for the conference.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:12:10

Clojure 1.10.0-RC4 is now available - please test before we do a final release!

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Adam Helins16:12:10

For Kafka user, have a look at this lib. AFAIK, it is the only clj lib offering full support for Kafka Streams !

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Nice might give it a spin on some even sourcing demo project. Was created almost a year ago, and found a few libraries, but all outdated, so did it with some java interop.

Adam Helins16:12:48

Yes, Kafka is a good fit for clj and it deserves a good lib. This one pretty much offers feature parity with the java libs. I have been working on this for the past year. I am quite pleased with the API and its documentation and am now looking for more feedback.


I have't looked, so it might be in there, but can you supply a function to determine the key based in the value? It might be to specific but was one thing I liked about my small wrapper. Also I build some stuff to go from a specific kind of eden schema's to avro schema's, also putting them into the schema registry.

Adam Helins16:12:48

Where would you like to supply such a fn ? When sending a record ?


No, when creating the producer.

Adam Helins09:12:35

@U26FJ5FDM Indeed I think this is too specific. I don't want to create another type on top of the java producer, it is cleaner that way.


Not as an object, I would more think of it as a 'key-strategy' witch defaults to no keys. If you do have a key-strategy, and you call produce with one argument the key strategy/function is used.