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@timgilbert Newlines -> escaping comes back. Not good.

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What tools do folk like to use to build and publish jar artifacts to maven repos, particularly private s3 maven repos?


At work we use to build our deployment uberjars and I also use it now to build "thin" JARs to deploy on Clojars.


For the actual "push", I use mvn deploy:deploy-file ...


(the same, nasty invocation that @U09LZR36F has in his blog post, wrapped up in a shell script -- that also updates pom.xml with the SHA of the latest commit so that Clojars can link back to the commit that created the release)


Thanks for the pointers!


FWIW, I'm working on a tool to post-process the results of clojure -Spom to add in the groupId/artifactId and pull the version from a git tag, since checking in partly-generated stuff into source control bugs me


(with the goal of automating everything up to the jar creation and then using pack for the rest)


If I create a pom.xml with the following dependency:

and run mvn dependency:tree I see lmdbjava with 10 transitive dependencies. If I create a deps.edn with the same dependency:
{:deps {org.lmdbjava/lmdbjava {:mvn/version "0.6.1"}}}
and run clj -Stree I see 9 transitive dependencies. com.github.jnr:jffi:jar:native:1.2.16:runtime is missing. Could this be an issue with tools.deps?


Ah that’s it exactly — thanks for the link.