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ClojureX 2019 conference in London has early bird tickets until the end of today:

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ClojureX conference is run by SkillsMatter with input from the London Clojure community on speakers and schedule. If you would like to be part of the content organising team, please get in touch. Call for papers will start around March next year, although we already are working on some ideas to make the conference even better.

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hello @jr0cket, do you know when clojureX 2018 video's will be available on youtube?


They are up already at - as far as I know they haven't put any of the past ones on Youtube


@UCR29HWDP SkillsMatter use a private Vimeo channel to host their videos, so access to any of their videos is via a (free) login account on the SkillsMatter website. All of the videos should be available now via the SkillsMatter website. SkillsMatter may send you occasional promotional emails after signing up.


thanks I can watch the videos now after signing up.