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Today is the last day to get a ticket for ClojureX at SkillsMatter for the cheapest price. If you are selected as a speaker your ticket will be refunded. If anyone would like to be on the organising team for the conference content, please let me know (direct means ages are welcome).

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Hey all… Unofficially it looks like we’re going to be going into a hiring spree next year… We haven’t refreshed our job advert yet but most of what was said in last years advert will likely still apply to dev & ops roles: We’ll post the official ad’s when we have more to say… we’re quite busy just now so this might be early next year, or perhaps before x-mas… but if anyone’s looking feel free to send an email to the address in that ad above.

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Ahoy hoy


cool stuff, I’ll think of if there’s anybody I know that I can send your way


obviously I had fun at swirrl spacecamp 😄


Cheers @alex.lynham - glad you enjoyed your time with us!


Finally upgraded to Ubuntu 18.10 last night, really smooth. The only thing that broke was Slack (as it uses a old and buggy version of electron), but fixed it by installing the Ubuntu snap for Slack which I'll use until Slack fix their client.


swirrl spacecamp?


ehhh, sort of an in-joke


other ric always used to refer to stardotstar spacecamp for alumni of that company


so I refer to swirrl alumni as having attended swirrl spacecamp 🙂

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Aah, I didn't realise you used to work for them 🙂