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Talking about "jdbc-next" and ddl, you have already seen the #walkable ?


I think that #walkable is a awesome idea and "connects" with a lot of ideas of "idiomatic clojure"


Walkable is certainly interesting but I think it's kind of a compromise between Datalog and several SQL DSL libraries that already exist out there -- and it's kind of verbose for some things that are simple in SQL (esp. the whole floor plan thing that's basically a redundant schema definition -- redundant insofar as you're basically duplicating/adding to the information that your DB already has).


And Walkable is built on top of already.


I think it's great that folks are building all these things on top of java.jdbc. I don't like ORMs, I find Datalog-style queries hard to read (because I'm very used to SQL), I don't like my SQL externalized (e.g., HugSQL), but it's important that those things exist for folks who want to use them.

seancorfield19:12:50 "2.0" needs to retain the low-level foundational work -- I mostly want to make it faster for the "happy path" and more idiomatic (and simpler).


@seancorfield does your production app use java.jdbc directly? do you use any wrappers?


We use java.jdbc directly. We use HoneySQL for heavy lifting in some places for composable queries (esp. reporting queries). But that just builds the sql-params vector that we pass to java.jdbc.