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stuff like orm has their place in some applications, i have seen the places 🙂


but my work isn't the usecase for the last 12 years. we write all the sql by hand.


if you have databases with tens or hundreds of millions of records you really really don't want an orm guessing what to do and you guessing ontop of that what does it do.


@seancorfield I think EDN (the query language used by walkable) can hardly be seen as logic programming. I would rather say EDN is Graphql-ish than Datalog-like. In particular, Walkable use sql operators for filtering, not logic programming constraints. Anyway, SQL is mostly array-oriented, while EDN enables tree-structured results, therefore it's kinda compact in terms of reading experience I don't agree that floor-plan is a redundant schema definition. Yes, there's duplication in :columns declarations, but other than that the rest of floor-plan is more like sql's VIEW but from the Clojure side. btw, though I've made it in Walkable documentation's "Special thanks" section, I always want to say thank you in person for clojure.jdbc and your stewardship in clojure online community

seancorfield18:12:25, not clojure.jdbc -- thank you! I definitely think Walkable is cool. Just not something I'd want to use.


Please make sure you correct the name of the SQL library in the thanks on that page


clojure.jdbc is a completely different library from mine.


my bad! Fixed. Thanks


@souenzzo I've thought about walkable's place among other sql libraries recently and come up with the idea of "sql library for building APIs". Its approach may not be suitable for everything