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Drew Verlee18:09:16

Somehow in updating a lot of the cider bindings changed. ugh. e.g now eval to comment is something completely different. I'll have to go find the out mappings and make them explict as i can't see why its useful to me to switch them.


, e ; has been cider-eval-defun-to-comment since May 4th 2017. What has it changed to? I havent seen any relevent commits or pr's on spacemacs


I added key bindings for the Clojure Pretty Print to comment commands in March this year, putting all the pretty print keybindings under , e p

Drew Verlee18:09:46

", e ;" is now undefined in my current setup. cider-eva-defun-to-comment is C-c M-; for me. I'll look into why this happened 🙂


Did you check you are still running develop branch of Spacemacs 🙂. Spacemacs master has lots of missing key bindings (I added a lot to develop over the last 2 years)


Or is evil turned off...

Drew Verlee19:09:27

@U05254DQM I was on master branch. Nice catch!