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TIL: If your Mac CPU gets too hot, kernel task "steals" CPU cycles to prevent other processes from using the CPU in order to try to cool it down. It's 105F in my house right now and the kernel task is using 800% of my CPU to prevent me doing anything that would heat the CPU up 😒

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wut. why doesn't it just throttle processor clocks


I think that's actually what it is doing -- but the Activity Monitor reports it as kernel_task using all your CPU. It actually managed to claim 1,495% CPU just a while ago. I now have two fans blowing on it, and two ice packs propped up against the front, where the air intake slots are 😐


that whole setup sounds like it could be an $800 dongle instead

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are you sure you're not charging your macbook from the wrong side 😛 ?


@U7RJTCH6J This is a 2012 iMac desktop.


(I just ordered a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 to essentially replace it)


lucky! my old macbook broke and I had to "upgrade" to a bunch of dongles, lame keyboard, and stupid touch bar.


to be fair, my laptop is now a few mm thinner


MS had a great deal on some of the SL3's -- $300 off for certain colors/CPU/RAM combos.

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So this is really a replacement for my 2012 Dell XPS 12 "2-in-1" which cost about $1,500 back then with only 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. So that isn't really work-capable but this new laptop should be, and I'm about at the end of my rope with Apple these days (after being a loyal customer since the very early '90s!). I just replaced my iPhone with an Android phone. The Dell was already a replacement for my previous MBP. I've moved all my contacts, photos, and music to the cloud (Google/YouTube) so I'm not dependent on Apple's iCloud stuff, and I've run mostly MS apps on my iPhone and Mac for years anyway... The whole WSL stuff on Windows is what I finally needed to break free of development on Mac systems.


I have to do iOS development for work which is just enough of a pain on other platforms that I've been reluctant to make the jump away from iComputers. maybe when this laptop dies...


recently went to a Surface Pro X from an XPS 13 after using a previous-gen surface pro for a few months on a contract assignment. Really liked how the Surface type cover was essentially the same footprint as my XPS but managed to have a much bigger/usable keyboard.


the 3:2 displays on the new surfaces are nice too


Do you do development on the Pro @U015879P2F8?


I wasn't really intending to initially, but I've ended up using it for dev quite a bit.


most of the work I've done in clojure has been on it since I got it a few months ago


I thought the Pro X ran a non-Intel chip? I wouldn't have expected it to be a good dev machine...


with WSL it ends up being not too much of a problem


Interesting that pretty much all of Microsoft's i7 16GB/256GB devices are $1,499 -- the Pro 7, the Pro X, and the Laptop 3!


Yeah, that's what I'll be using on my Laptop 3 when it arrives (on Thursday 🙂 )


it can do x86 emulation, so between that and linux aarch64 I've been able to find some version of most software I wanted


Ah, interesting. Thanks!


that's interesting on the price, that definitely wasn't the case when I bought. I think the i7/16/256 laptop was around $200 more than the 16/256 X at that time.


The SL3 in blue is $1,299 right now in that configuration (down from $1,599). The Pro 7 and Pro X are both $1,499 right now (without a Type Cover which is $90 in the basic form or $160 in the luxury versions!). If they'd been doing a similar deal on the Pro 7, I'd have probably gone with that because I really value the portability of that format. But $1,300 is basically my "ding" price for a "cheap, portable, work-ready machine".


that's a great deal, mine was $1400 altogether with the upgraded cover/pen. I was specifically looking at either the pro 7 or X because I was anticipating using it on campus for OneNote, etc, (which turned out to be wishful thinking).


I ended up buying something like this when I lived in Dubai and had the same problem. There’s a fan mounted under the lid, and it did a good job of cooling down the computer. Edit: Just saw that this is about a desktop, nevermind.


I like WSL2 but 16GB doesn't cut it for me. Might migrate away from Macbook, if the price difference is large enough. I'm keeping my eyes open for a Ryzen with 64GB.

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This week there is a free online conf called if you're interested in WSL.

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I feel so torn about what to get next. After trying Android, Windows Metro, and iOS I do enjoy iOS the most. Additionally I do like using OS X over Windows which I’ve become more familiar through Shadow. That said Apple hardware has become increasingly more disappointing to me. Maybe Hackintosh laptop would be worth the investment?


I've lived the Windows world several times, and the Linux world as well... and macOS. And in that order, I've had to do reinstalls and OS repair. My usage habits don't change, but thus far macOS has been multiples of times more stable long term (for me). Also, my really awesome (on paper) XPS 15 mysteriously underperformed from day one... not to mention the extra legwork required to get a lot of dev tools to work properly.


My personal machine is still a 2014 MPB. My next machine will be a Macbook Air i5, 16GB ram, and cloud/aws when I need something bigger. (and external big nice monitor is a must)


pre-corona when I planned to travel a lot, I was going to try the ipad pro + rpi 4 thing (with an AWS server when I had internet), but alas that is not possible now.

eccentric J17:09:30

Dream build: Hidden desk computer + hackintosh


Best IRC clients for Mac?


@cjsauer I used Colloquy for years and really liked that (but I no longer use IRC at all).


I was never an IRCer but was forced into it for one project. I used and found it worked well.


Thanks. I’ve been playing around with Haskell and it seems like the majority of peeps hang around in the IRC channel. I haven’t used IRC since uni and I was on Linux then…


Yeah, there's still a devoted core of Clojurians on #clojure on freenode


Cool, just joined. I see a handful of familiar names.


emacs 🙂


honestly, ERC is quite good


Then I guess it depends if you are using it or not already maybe. Some people use it just for magit, I guess ERC would be a valid use case too.


I hadn’t even considered Emacs! Of course it has an IRC client :) I will give this a try, thanks.


Ah… I too think I would have chosen the Emacs route had I been an Emacs user at the time.


@cjsauer ssh to a server and connect to an irssi running under tmux?