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For all: Do you use the develop or stable branch? I think develop is not very stable to work with, but master is quite outdated.

Drew Verlee13:09:44

I use develop, just be ready to roll back if something you need stops working


Or dont update the Emacs packages unless there is a specific reason too and do so when you have a few minutes to roll the packages back.


@andros I don't know anyone who uses the master branch of Spacemacs. New people to Spacemacs looking for help are recommended to update to Spacemacs develop and this usually fixes their issue. I have used Spacemacs develop for the last 4 years with only one minor issue with Spacemacs itself, which was fixed very quickly. Issues mostly come from new versions of Emacs packages which Spacemacs layers use. So issues are almost always around a change to a package. Spacemacs does not automatically update Emacs packages and also provides a fast roll back mechanism for packages. So unless there is a new feature you require, you can run Spacemacs develop in a stable state without any package upgrades and experience a very stable system.


If anyone does switch from Spacemacs master to Spacemacs develop then either wipe all Spacemacs configuration or make sure a full switch over is done, including updating the .spacemacs file from the template (or issues will occur)

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Drew Verlee23:09:42

Given the goal of using this package (see below) that lets your lookup definations of clojure functions in the livebook "Clojure essential reference" (which i have access to) I added

(use-package clojure-essential-ref
                                        ;; ...
                                        :bind (
                                               :map cider-mode-map
                                               ("C-h F" . clojure-essential-ref)
                                               :map cider-repl-mode-map
                                               ("C-h F" . clojure-essential-ref)))
To my spacemacs to dotspacemacs-additional-packages and expected to be able to type M - x clojure-essential and see that command OR type C-h F and have the "clojure-essentia-ref" command run. Neither command is available. e.g M-x has no listing for "clojure-essential" Not sure what would gone wrong. If anyone got this working a hint would be nice. I don't plan on putting much energy into getting this to work at the moment. But eventually it would be a worth while integration.


I tried to get this package to work a while ago and had another try just now. I've never managed to get it to work.

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