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The new 1.1.215 release supports the clojure -X option but the main readme instructions still refer to -A and -M -- with a separate section at the bottom about -X. I don't know how long it will take folks to update to the latest CLI.


Also, the generated (app, lib, template) projects in this release do not yet have the :exec-fn/`:exec-args` forms of aliases for depstar even tho' the dependency has been bumped. I'll add those in the next release I expect.


I do like the command line structure when using the -X flag with the pre-release version of Clojure CLI tools. For example if a clj-new alias is defined as follows:

  {:extra-deps {seancorfield/clj-new {:mvn/version "1.1.215"}}
   :ns-default clj-new
   :exec-fn    clj-new/create
   :exec-args  {:template lib :name practicalli/playground}}
Then the commands available would be clojure -X:project-new to create a quick library project for some experiments clojure -X:project-new :name practicalli/my-library create a new library project with a specific name clojure -X:project-new :template app :name practicalli/my-application as above but with the app template clojure -X:project-new :template luminus :name practicalli/full-stack-app +http-kit +h2 +reagent +auth a new project based on the luminus template with options passed into that template. This keeps everything nicely distinct from each other and people/teams can update the alias with their own default values.


You don't need :ns-default in there unless you want to override the :exec-fn with generate I guess.

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i.e., clojure -X:project-new generate ...

Joe Lane16:09:42

Nice job @seancorfield, I just used this project today for Yet-Another-Experiment. I haven't used the new stuff yet so maybe I'll check that out later today. I wanted to chime in here and thank you for building and maintaining this project, it is the only way I make new projects these days and I use it for experiments at least twice a week.


seancorfield/clj-new {:mvn/version "1.1.216"} is available -- restores support for older Clojure CLI versions, so now it works with both stable and prerelease


Thanks for the bug report @stelabrego!