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seancorfield/clj-new {:mvn/version "1.1.215"} -- Generate new projects from Leiningen or Boot templates, or clj-template projects, using just the clj command-line installation of Clojure! -- * Support upcoming clojure -X option by providing clj-new/create and clj-new/generate as entry points that can be used to execute a specific function and pass a map of arguments. (#41) * Update to depstar 1.1.104 in templates (which also includes clojure -X support). * Update to tools.deps.alpha 0.9.782 and use the runtime basis instead of trying to read the default deps.edn files. (#42) All follow-up to #clj-new (yes, a new channel, so we don't clog up #tools-deps with discussion about clj-new, or depstar, which also has its own channel now: #depstar )

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Vincent Cantin13:09:19

That’s great !

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